Happy Weekend everyone!

I’m actually one of the few people that don’t love weekends because I usually have to work weekends, but I have Saturday off so Happy Weekend! 🙂

I’m gonna do a mini wish list today. Well, more of a ‘Lust List’ because I am more than simply wishing for these, I need them! Haha…

Lush List - mini wish list

So, here’s my mini list – because I could go on & on  & on about the clothes & make up I’d love to get!

Black Ripped ‘Molly’ Jeans from River Island

River Island Black Ripped Molly Jeans
Image from river island.com

I absolutely love black jeans. I’d live in them if I could! How easy is it to just throw them on with even a plain t-shirt and it looks good? I also love the ripped detail at the knee.

I’ve had a pair of ‘Molly’ jeans from River Island before, and they were probably one of the most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve had.

I love when you find a great pair of jeans you love & are actually comfortable in!

These are €55 in River Island at the minute, unfortunately they’re not in their massive sale that they have going on right now!

Black Leather Block Mules from River Island

Leather Mules
Image from river island.com

River Island always have gorgeous shoes. & these are no exception!

I love the minimalistic design and the chunky block heel. The gold detail is fab!

These are €70 in River Island.

Black Leather Block Heel Slingback Sandal from River Island 

Black Leather Sandal
Image from river island.com

Can you tell yet that I love River Island? Haha..

Again with the block heel, this seasonal trend is everywhere right now and I’m loving it.

These can easily be turned from day wear to night wear, they’d make any outfit look that bit better 🙂

With the real leather and the buckle detail, I am in love with these!

They’re €65 in River Island.

Gosh ‘Nougat’ Lipstick

Gosh 'Nougat' Lipstick
Image from super drug.com

How fab is this colour?

Gosh lipsticks are usually so moisturising for your lips which is always great.

I’m always wanting to grow my lipstick collection and this one is definitely on the list!

The Tan By 2 Jenns

The Tan By Two Jens
Image from @itscherrysue Instagram

I am so excited to get my hands on this tan! This is a new tanning brand by the ‘2 Jenns’ from Vanity Rooms.

The Tan is said to be super hydrating, with a perfect fade. It’s a liquid gel tan  for both face & body.

I’m a big tan addict and I can’t wait to try this one out! 🙂

Naked Smoky by Urban Decay

Naked Smoky Palette

Is there anyone who doesn’t want this? I love Urban Decay, especially their Naked palettes!

The new Naked Smokey includes 9 never before seen shades and 3 exclusives from past palettes.

It looks gorgeous! Having the first 3 Naked palettes, this is definitely a must for me!!

I’m gonna stop it there because if I don’t I’ll just keep going & going 😂
Amie xx