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River Island Sale – Haul!

Hello again everyone, hope you’re all having a relaxing Sunday!

If anyone has read my blog before, you’ve probably realised that I’m a River Island lover, so how could I resist their Summer Sale?

I haven’t done a haul in a while so I’m excited for this one 🙂

River Island Sale - Haul

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Mini Lust List

Happy Weekend everyone!

I’m actually one of the few people that don’t love weekends because I usually have to work weekends, but I have Saturday off so Happy Weekend! 🙂

I’m gonna do a mini wish list today. Well, more of a ‘Lust List’ because I am more than simply wishing for these, I need them! Haha…

Lush List - mini wish list

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Soap & Glory Favourites!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well.

Today I thought I’d go through my favourite Soap & Glory products.

Soap & Glory Favourites

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Mini Shopping Haul

Hi guys 🙂

Is it just me or is there something about shopping that you just feel the need to show someone everything you bought the second you get home? It can’t be just me! 🙂


Over the past few days I picked up a few things, nothing major! But I thought I’d give you guys a look 🙂

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Mini River Island Haul…

Because I’m doing exams (poor me!) I decided to treat myself to a bit of online shopping earlier on during the week.. 🙂


I always go through pages and pages of clothes websites online, add everything I want to the basket, look at the price then realise that it won’t be happening! So…. I found myself in the sale section of River Island.

I absolutely love River Island, although it can be a bit out of my price range sometimes (disadvantage of student life!) I still love it 🙂


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Three Of My Essential Beauty Products!

Hi everyone 🙂

After my last two posts I’ve been thinking about what to write a post on next, but being in the middle of my college exams, it’s proven hard to get my head together!

So, I eventually decided to do a post on my three favourite beauty products right now 🙂

As there’s so many products to choose from, I couldn’t pick three from everything to do with beauty in general, so I narrowed it down to products that, you could say, are all about naturalness..

After going through moisturisers, body scrubs, and anything you can think of. I decided to choose my favourite body scrub, nail strengthener and make-up brush cleaner!

I chose these because I think they’re all important especially when it comes to natural beauty, and they’re just fab in general 🙂


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