Hello & happy Tuesday folks!

Just to get it out there, I am a self-confessed tan addict! I wear fake tan constantly. The number of people who have never seen me without fake tan on is very few!

Top Tans

So I thought I’d share with you all my favourite tanning products right now! I’m actually not at home at the moment so I won’t be using my own photos but I will more likely be doing more tanning reviews soon!

I’m going to kick it off with…

  • Cocoa Brown
Cocoa Brown
Image from snapped.ie

Since Cocoa Brown came on the market, everyone has been loving it! Even Kylie Jenner herself posted a picture on Instagram expressing her love for this fab 1 hour tan. Thanks to Marissa Carter and her Cocoa Brown tan, you can wave goodbye to legs that resemble milk bottles! I love mousse tans, they’re so easy to apply and it’s no different when it comes to Cocoa Brown. It glides on smoothly & evenly for an even look. It comes out a nice brown sandy colour so you can see where you have and haven’t applied it properly, which is always a bonus! Another great thing about Cocoa Brown is the smell, or lack of, you don’t smell like you almost drowned in fake tan afterwards! I can’t really fault it to be honest, I’m sure most of you gals out there have tried it and will agree!

Cocoa Brown now have a little family of products, including a Day & Night tan, moisturiser & body scrub, the list goes on & on! At €7.99, you can’t go wrong!

  • Tan Goddess
Image from babydoll.ie
Image from babydoll.ie

Tan Goddess by BabyDoll is another love of mine! I usually tend to go for dark rather than medium, as I said, I’m a tan addict and I love a nice deep tan! Another mousse, it glides on so effortlessly and leaves just a hint of a colour, before developing into a fabulous deep tan. The smell itself is fabulous, leaving a gorgeous coconut smell after applying. Over all I would definitely recommend it and at €9.99 it’s a steal!

  • Tantastic
Image from tantasticshop.com
Image from tantasticshop.com

Another mousse, it’s rare that I’ll try another other tans other than mousses, I just find them so great to apply! The colour is so natural, so I usually apply two light coats but I absolutely love it! It dries in almost straight away so you don’t get that sticky feeling and it makes the application quick and easy! It usually retails at around €20.00, so I was delighted when I seen it on offer for only €10.00! It truly is a great tan.

  • Karora Ultra Dark Bronzing Mousse
Image from cloud10beauty.com
Image from cloud10beauty.com

This is a bit pricier than the tans I’ve mentioned above, but it is fabulous! Being a mousse (again!) it’s so easy and simple to apply and leaves a gorgeous “I’m just back from holidays’ look! It smells great and all over it’s a top buy. The only downfall I found was the bottle is quite small for the price!

As I constantly have fake tan on, it’s so important to exfoliate and get rid of any old tan before beginning the tanning process again. My favourite product for removing tan is Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff.

Image from cocoa brown.ie
Image from cocoa brown.ie

Described as ‘no nonsense’, it definitely does what it says on the tin and removes all that old tan so you have a fresh canvas 😉

In my opinion, this product is a must for any tan addicts out there!

So there’s my favourite tans right now, I usually have all of them sitting on my window sill, I like to have my favourites waiting for me 🙂 it’s nice to have options!

Amie xx