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Pinteresting Monday…

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone!

The last Monday of October already, so this is the last ‘Pinteresting Monday‘ on Halloween. Does everyone have their Halloween outfits picked already? If not, have a look have the last few ‘Pinteresting Monday‘ posts, & there’s a Halloween makeup tutorial on the way too!

Pinteresting Monday on Beautitude -  Inspiration from Pinterest - Halloween special

Ok so here we go, the last Halloween PM post!

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Sunday Catch Up!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I thought I’d write a ‘Sunday Catch Up’ post, seen as I haven’t written one in a while. I seem to always say that when I”m writing catch up posts lately!

So, to go along with a lazy or relaxing Sunday (for most), here’s a bit of light reading! I’ll leave the links if anyone would like to read the full posts 🙂

Sunday Catch Up on Beautitude - Have a  glimpse at what's been going on

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Pinteresting Monday…

Monday once again!

Pinteresting Monday on Beautitude - Fashion inspiration from Pinterest

So, you might know, I had the busiest weekend in a long time! On Sunday, I attended the Irish Bloggers Conference in Cork, & on Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited along to Cocoa Browns #PassionPersistencePink event where Marissa Carter finally revealed the two new Cocoa Brown products! More to come on that later 😉

Anyway, on Saturday I met The Style Shaper, a blogging gal from Kildare and I fell in love with her outfit! She had a fab pair of knee high  laced boots on, so this is where the inspiration for this weeks ‘Pinteresting Monday’ is coming from! Thanks to The Style Shaper 😉

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Winter Wrap Ups

Hello lovelies,

Almost the weekend, I can’t get over how fast the days are going! The rest of the week is so busy for me, between college and work, I’m then heading to the Irish Blogger Conference in Cork on Saturday and then to Cocoa Brown’s Passion Persistence Pink event in Dublin on Saturday! Not that I’m complaining 🙂 So, I’m gonna try get a couple of blog posts in before then.

Has anyone else been dreaming of their perfect jacket/coat for this Winter? I’ve already too many picked out! Here’s a few of my favourites from River Island and a few from Boohoo too.

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Pinteresting Monday…

Happy Monday!

I’ve had two cups of coffee already thisz morning and I’m sure there’ll be a lot more needed to get me through this day of college! But, having a fashion creep on Pinterest isn’t the worst way to begin a Monday I suppose! 🙂

Pinteresting Monday on Beautitude - Fashion inspiration from Pinterest

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Sunday Catch Up!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday and there’s not too many sore heads out there 😉 I’ve had such a busy week with starting back at college and working, so I haven’t been posting as much as I would of liked to, definitely have to get more organised!

I haven’t written a ‘Sunday Catch Up‘ post in a while, so here’s a bit of a catch up from the past month and some light reading, perfect for a Sunday 🙂

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H&M A/W Style Studio

Happy Wednesday!

So, if you’ve been reading my last couple of posts you’ll know that I luckily attended H&M Studio A/W shopping event last week and it was such a good night!

Shopping will never be the same now without prosecco and cake pops on arrival!

H&M Style Studio - Sneak Peak at H&M's A/W Collection 2015

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Pinteresting Monday…

Monday again!

Is it just me or are the weeks absolutely flying in? I’m actually not too fussed about Mondays, anybody else or does everyone hate them? Haha..

Pinteresting Monday on Beautitude - Inspiration from Pinterest

So, for this weeks ‘Pinteresting Monday’, it’s all about nails..

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Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday everyone!

I haven’t written a ‘Friday Favourites’ post in a couple of weeks but here we are again!

The weather here is so dull and gloomy, I also have to work all weekend so it’s nice to look back on the week before this weekend which won’t be the most exciting weekend of my life.

I love reading other peoples’ favourites posts, so here’s a few of the little things that I enjoyed this week for a bit of light reading 🙂

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