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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hello again everyone 🙂

I finally got through the stock take at work yesterday & I live to tell the tale!

I’ve been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Broken Heart Designer, she has a fab blog and does great daily tips so if you want to check out her blog just simply click the link 🙂


This is the second nomination post I’ve done, if you want to have a read of my other post which is the Blog Tour Award, you can click here. These questions are a bit more light hearted so here we go…

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Pinteresting Monday..

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m particularly not enjoying this Monday as I’ve to do a stock take in work 😦

I missed last weeks Pinteresting Monday post so I’m going to do two weeks in one post!

Pinteresting Monday

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Masters of Mascara

Hi everyone 🙂

Hope everyone’s enjoying the sunny days!

Today I’m going to go through My Three Favourite Mascaras!

My Three Favourite Mascaras

I just think it’s mad how much of a change a good mascara makes to your whole look. I never wear fake eyelashes, I tried to once and ended up taking them off before leaving the house so I do love a good mascara!

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Soap & Glory Favourites!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well.

Today I thought I’d go through my favourite Soap & Glory products.

Soap & Glory Favourites

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Pinteresting Monday…

Hello again! 🙂

I’ve just realised that this is my third “Pinteresting Monday” post, it feels like only the other day that I wrote my first blog post about Pinterest, not three weeks!

Pinteresting Monday

Anyway, what I’ve had my eye on today on Pinterest is all about colour blocking.

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Pinteresting Monday… 

Hi guys 🙂

Pinteresting Monday

My Pinteresting Monday post is a bit late as I’m feeling under the weather..
But here’s what I’ve been pinning in terms of fashion!

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Pinteresting Monday…

Hello again dolls!

Pinteresting Monday

For this weeks Pinteresting Monday I’ve been pinning dungarees, or overalls, whatever you like to call them, I love them!

There’s so many ways you can style them, I love them with a simple white t-shirt and a few accessories.

Here’s what I’ve been pinning!

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Pinteresting Monday..

Hellooo again! ☺️

Like most you out there, I love shopping and putting together outfits – and talking about them! But as I can’t go shopping as much as I’d like to (sob!) I do love doing a bit of window shopping – and I count browsing on Pinterest as just that!

Pinteresting Monday
So I thought I’d do a post every now and again about what I’m eyeing up on Pinterest

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