Happy Friday everyone!

I haven’t written a ‘Friday Favourites’ post in a couple of weeks but here we are again!

The weather here is so dull and gloomy, I also have to work all weekend so it’s nice to look back on the week before this weekend which won’t be the most exciting weekend of my life.

I love reading other peoples’ favourites posts, so here’s a few of the little things that I enjoyed this week for a bit of light reading 🙂

Painting my nails

Friday Favourites on Beautitude - It's the little things

I love painting my nails, it really is the little things! Especially coming into the Winter I love spending time on my nails and playing around with different colours. The colour in the picture above is ‘Blue Skies’  by Suzanne Jackson. I’ve written a review on SoSu nail polishes before, which you can read here. 🙂

https://apramie.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/sosu-by-suzanne-jackson-nail-varnish-review/                             https://apramie.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/sosu-by-suzanne-jackson-nail-varnish-review/

Has anyone got an absolute favourite nail polish? You can take a look at my other #NOTD over on my Instagram, @apr_amie

Alō Comfort Watermelon & Peach

Friday Favourites on Beautitude - It's the little things

Well, this is one of the stranger drinks out there at the moment I think but wow! I picked it up this morning thinking the watermelon taste would be lovely, which it is! Then surprisingly enough there’s also aloe vera pulp too, I don’t usually like pulp in any juices but this is fab! I feel a bit weird writing about an aloe vera drink haha, but this is one of my new favourites so I thought I would throw it in to my ‘Friday Favourites’ post! Has anyone tried it and what do you think?

Those Oh-So Relatable Instagram Pics

Friday Favourites on Beautitude - It's the little things

One of my favourite things about Instagram is coming across pics like this, ones that are so relatable and give you a bit of a giggle too. My Instagram is actually packed with pictures like this!

Good Lip Days – Is that a thing?

Friday Favourites on Beautitude - It's the little things

Are good lip days a thing? Haha.. Coming into the colder months, my lips need a bit more TLC and I’m sure I’m not the only one! These Benefit Buffing Lip Beads are amazing for just that. Dry lips need a bit of exfoliation and moisture, using theses lip beads 2-3 times a week for exfoliation and then piling on your favourite balm for some TLC and they’ll be perfect in no time. I used this Burts Bees lipgloss today and this is another one of my favourites. The look is so pigmented and it doesn’t leave that sticky layer on your lips so you can actually can out in to windy weather with out half your hair sticking to your lips, that’s the worst thing ever.

New H&M Pumps

Friday Favourites on Beautitude - It's the little thingsFriday Favourites on Beautitude - It's the little things

Who doesn’t love getting new shoes? I picked up these cute pumps from the H&M A/W event on Tuesday night (more to come about that!) and the picture definitely does not do them justice.  They look red here, but they’re more of a burgundy colour and they are so, so comfortable! Great for throwing on with skinny jeans.

RI Check Shirt

Friday Favourites on Beautitude - It's the little things

Again, I decided to treat myself today to this gorgeous check shirt from River Island. It’s so soft and again, so comfortable on. I’m in love! The colours are so Autumn – Wintery. Actually looking forward to going to work later, just because I get to wear my new shirt 🙂

Meeting Rosemary Mac Cabe 

Friday Favourites on Beautitude - It's the little things

Trying not to give away too much info about the H&M event because I want to do a full blog post on it, but I was delighted to meet the deputy editor of Stellar magazine Rosemary Mac Cabe there. She’s lovely! Such an inspiration too as well as a great laugh on Snapchat – to have a look at her stories her username is rosemarymaccabe 🙂

So there’s a few of my ‘Friday Favourites‘, I have a feeling I’m forgetting something but we’ll leave it there until the next ‘Friday Favourites‘ 🙂

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Amie x