Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend 🙂

So last week I wrote a post called ‘This Weeks Favourites’, it’s all about the little things I was loving last week. I’ve decided to make it a weekly post called ‘Friday Favourites!”


Clean Makeup Brushes!

Friday Favourites on BeautitudeFriday Favourites on Beautitude

I don’t have as many makeup brushes as I would like, but washing them is still the bane of my life! Maybe the thought of washing brushes is worse than actually washing them, but it’s so worth it when they’re nice and clean and smell fab! A while ago I wrote a post on how I was my makeup brushes, if you’d like a read you can click here 🙂

A few years ago I was given a set of brushes from L.A College of Creative Arts and they have lasted so, so well. I also have a couple of Real Techniques brushes. I think it’s time to invest in a few more brushes!

Stellar Time!


I love buying Stellar every month and enjoying it with a cup of tea or coffee. It really is the little things 🙂 I particularly enjoyed their ‘Be Your Own Beyoncé’ feature this month. #ProjectHappy

Fuchsia Nudes Palette


I got this palette in a goodie bag at the Irish Blogger Conference a couple of months ago. I must say, Urban Decay is definitely my go to for eyeshadow palettes. But I really like this one! All the colours in the palette look well together and the blend so easily. The pigment as well is spot on.


The eyeshadows don’t have any names, but I particularly like the third and fourth one. Has anyone tried this palette?

New shoes! (again)

Friday Favourites on BeautitudeFriday Favourites on Beautitude

How fab are these boots from Penneys? I went in for a ‘quick look’ the other day. Is it even possible to go into Penneys without buying anything? They’re so comfortable. I love getting new boots coming into A/W!

MK Watch

Friday Favourites on Beautitude

I got exciting post on Monday, my MK watch that I won from a competition Pippa O’Connor held came! I was absolutely delighted. I’m in love! The blue face just makes it perfect! (I love blue 🙂 )

I never usually win anything, so can you tell how happy I am? 😛

New Candles

Friday Favourites on Beautitude

Here we go with Penneys again! Who doesn’t love candles? They make a room feel so homely, everything is better with a few candles lighting!

I picked up a salted caramel cancel & a vanilla one in Penneys the other day (along with my new boots) & they smell fab! Particularly the salted caramel one. Heaven!

So that’s all for my Friday Favourites this week!

Friday Favourites on Beautitude

Amie x