Hello everyone!

Middle of the week already, how’s everyone’s week going? 🙂

Is it just me or is the thought of washing your makeup brushes worse than actually doing it? It is for me anyway.

I usually wash my makeup brushes regularly but I let them get worse than usual this time! (my bad.)

So I just thought I’d do a short post on how I wash my makeup brushes, I’m sure some people wash their brushes differently but here’s how I get through it!


The Bobbi Brown MakeUp Manual was the first thing I read on how to wash makeup brushes.    (Such a great book by the way!)

So, here, it gives a detailed instruction on how to wash your makeup brushes using baby shampoo. It’s such a good base to start off on and if I hadn’t received a different make up brush cleaner I would still be washing brushes the exact way as in this book.

I keep my my brushes in this Nima Brush Holder. I love it! It keeps your brushes away from any unnecessary dust or dirt.


There’s my babies!

The majority of my brushes are by L.A MakeUp Academy, there’s also a couple of Real Techniques in there too! I’m lacking in makeup brushes lately, I really need to add to my collection badly!  I’ll admit I let my brushes get I bad this time around, but that won’t be happening again anytime soon! (Hopefully!) So here’s what I use to wash my brushes…


Reliable baby shampoo & Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser. 

I’ve already done a review on the Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser if you’d like to read it you can click here.

I’ll usually clean my smaller brushes with the cleanser. It’s so easy and it makes the chore of washing your brushes way faster. All you have to do is simply wet your brush and swirl the brush into the balm, & rinse! Easy. It’s not as easy to clean bigger brush using the balm, so that’s where the baby shampoo comes in to give them a deeper clean! I just put a small amount of baby shampoo into my hand, dampen the brush and swirl it around it the baby shampoo then rinse a few times to make sure it’s all clear of shampoo!

So that’s just a quick post on how I wash my brushes.

I’ll have to start my to buy list to add more to them!

What are your favourite brushes & how do you go about cleaning them? 🙂

Amie xx