Hellooo again! ☺️

Like most you out there, I love shopping and putting together outfits – and talking about them! But as I can’t go shopping as much as I’d like to (sob!) I do love doing a bit of window shopping – and I count browsing on Pinterest as just that!

Pinteresting Monday
So I thought I’d do a post every now and again about what I’m eyeing up on Pinterest

On this particularly boring Monday, this is what I’ve been pinning! (Look away if you’re not a lover of black clothing;))

I love everything about this – gold accessories, black tshirt, black leggings and, my go to, a denim shirt. So simple, but fab!

I’ve always been a lover of check shirts, they’re so handy to just throw on when you’re running out the door! Black & white always looks great together and I’m sure most of you have at least half of this outfit in your wardrobe already.

Everything about this screams WEAR ME! It’s so casual but cool. A leather jacket makes any outfit look better!

That watch! I’m in love.
This is just a quick blog post, (my laptop is acting up so I’m on my phone!) and I’m going with casual vibes, for an easy Monday!

As you can tell from this & my last post, I love black clothing. It’s so easy to wear and it suits anyone.
So there’s my first Pinspiration Post!

Thanks for reading 😍
Amie xx