Because I’m doing exams (poor me!) I decided to treat myself to a bit of online shopping earlier on during the week.. 🙂


I always go through pages and pages of clothes websites online, add everything I want to the basket, look at the price then realise that it won’t be happening! So…. I found myself in the sale section of River Island.

I absolutely love River Island, although it can be a bit out of my price range sometimes (disadvantage of student life!) I still love it 🙂


So I thought I’d show you guys what I picked up…

Black Contrast Panel Fishnet Clutch

IMG_4413 IMG_4414

I absolutely LOVE this. You can never have too many clutches, they’re just so great for nights out. What I really love is the zip detail and I’m a big fan of black & goldThis clutch was in the River Island sale down from €33 to €14. I couldn’t leave it there 🙂

Next I got a Gold Tone Elongated Woven Cuff

IMG_4418 IMG_4420

If there’s one thing that I can’t get enough of it’s jewellery. I love how it changes an outfit! This is really different from any bracelets I have and I simply love it, (again, I love gold!) I can’t remember exactly how much this was, I think it was around €20-€25 but I got it for €7. Bargain 🙂

Black Cut Out Ankle Boots

IMG_4415 IMG_4417

I didn’t even notice that most of the stuff I got was black & gold! I’ve had my eye on these boots for a while now, I just think they’re fab! Chelsea boots are great for both day and night wear, and they go with almost anything. These were in the sale down from €45 to €24. again, another bargain! 🙂 They also had only my size left so I took that as a sign and bought them 🙂

Dark Purple Long Sleeve Bardot Top 

I found this hard to take a nice picture of, so bear with me! – also excuse the pyjamas 🙂


IMG_4424 IMG_4425

It really doesn’t look great in the pictures, but it’s lovely in person! I love that it’s off the shoulders and the colour is fab too, it’s also SO soft! It’s stretch cotton, so comfy… This is the only thing I got that wasn’t in the sale, but I loved it and as I was already treating myself I thought why not 🙂 This was €35, I think it’s well worth it!

So that’s what I bought the other night while I was sitting on my couch relaxing 🙂 and believe me, if I had a larger bank account there would of been a lot more! (sad face.)

Thanks for reading dolls,

Amie xx