Hi everyone 🙂

After my last two posts I’ve been thinking about what to write a post on next, but being in the middle of my college exams, it’s proven hard to get my head together!

So, I eventually decided to do a post on my three favourite beauty products right now 🙂

As there’s so many products to choose from, I couldn’t pick three from everything to do with beauty in general, so I narrowed it down to products that, you could say, are all about naturalness..

After going through moisturisers, body scrubs, and anything you can think of. I decided to choose my favourite body scrub, nail strengthener and make-up brush cleaner!

I chose these because I think they’re all important especially when it comes to natural beauty, and they’re just fab in general 🙂


There’s my three favourites!

(left to right)

  • Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser 
  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strengthener 

The Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser is by far the best & easiest brush cleaner I’ve tried up to date..


If I’ve learned anything about make-up, it’s to keep your brushes clean! And this is great for getting that job done quickly. It is described as a “gentle goats milk cleansing balm” and as you can see in the picture, its compacted into a small tub. So you simply dampen your make-up brush, swirl the brush into the balm a couple of times and voilà! Just rinse and let dry! It makes washing your brushes so much easier and quicker. Another thing is you can’t over use it while washing your brushes, so it’s lasts and lasts. I couldn’t say anything bad about it.

I’m sure most of you are not strangers to Soap & Glory products, or the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub.


This is one of my favourites simply because it makes your skin feel  great , amazing! And it smells fabulous too. It’s essentially a body scrub with smashed brown sugar, lime, almond oil and macadamia grains. It leaves your skin so soft and clean feeling. It’s definitely something I won’t go with out! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

And my third choice, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strengthener. 


I personally like having long nails and I always did have nails up until I started college. I never liked gel nails or anything along the lines, I think I’ve always liked the satisfaction of growing my own nails!

I got this particular nail strengthener a little less than a month ago and I have to say, it worked just about straight away! My nails usually chip and peel and it stopped as soon as I started to use this. For full effect, I usually apply 3 coats on bare nails and remove it and apply another three a couple of days later.. Granted, after biting one of my nails (I used to be a nail biter, and still do it every now & again! Oops..) I did shorten them all down and now that I’m using the strengthener again I can already feel that they are a lot stronger again. I love it.

So there’s my three favourite beauty products that aren’t all about make-up and tan (my two loves♥) and I would recommend them to anyone!

Thanks for reading 😉

Amie xx