For my second post I want to talk about the phenomenon that is Protein World..

I really want to get into fitness and health eating, but I seem to have no willpower at all! A Chinese takeaway is definitely my biggest weakness.

I think if I can see results, I’ll be more motivated to keep going! So I’m considering trying Protein World!

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The products I’m considering is the Weight Loss Collection. It consists of The Slender Blend formula, which is a low calorie protein shake to help deal with cravings and toning, The Slender Blend Capsules – formally known as Fat Melters,which are designed to reduce the amount of fat intake, ignite metabolism and increase the rate that your body burns fat. Multi Vitamin Capsules, which contain nutrients and vitamins to aid loss by improving digestion and sleep quality, and boosting your over all well-being.

To lose weight, you must drink two shakes a day, as a replacement for breakfast and-or lunch, then have a healthy dinner. To maintain your current weight, the goal is to drink one shake a day.

I’ve read many reviews and I think it sounds like a great product – filling, delicious and it does what it says on the tin, I’m really tempted to try it out but the only thing putting me off is the price. For this particular set, including a shaker and a recipe book, it costs €84 – which I think is a bit pricey!

I’m thinking of buying it and I’m excited to try it, but for €84 you could get a new outfit – which I could never turn down!

Anyone have any other reviews I could have a read of? Is it really worth it?

Amie xx